Things to do in Bhutan

Looking for a checklist to do in Bhutan? Oh, C'mon. Be serious! How can the magnificence (s)
of the majestic country named as a 'heaven' on earth by many wanderlusts can ever be enough to encrypt into some limited list?

Globally, there are Seven Wonders of the World but candidly, every bit and pieces, every peaks and mountain, every streams and terrace, every blocks and region in Bhutan are the wonders.

Topographically ranging from 1500 masl and rising up to as high as 3500 masl, Bhutan has a
gentle warm place towards the south-central regions to mild cold regions towards the central North. In fact, Bhutan has a wide range of agro-ecological zones where diverse faunas and floras have found a permanent home, and thus granting the country with Global's attention as a 'tourist hotshot.'

“Known as a tiny Himalayan country whose development is measured by 'Gross National
Happiness', where phylases are hang, drawn and painted on the houses to ward off the evil
spirits and whose 70% of the land is under forest coverage, Bhutan is a country with people
strongly attached and rooted to the religious and spiritual myths.”

Well, you see, we exactly can't list out the 'things to do in Bhutan'. Bhutan has much more to
offer to the visitors of any kind and for any purpose. In general, as wanted by many incoming
tourists, Bhutan offers;

1. Sightseeing and land marking;

Bhutan has one of the most pristine environment; clean air, water, landscape and
topography with mountains of various shapes and sizes blanketed with trees and flowers.

Any hiking, trekking, kayaking and rafting are possible. "Crossing over the suspension
bridges are revealed to be one of the wonderful experiences" by many tourists. I bet if one is
adventurous, there wouldn't be any best place in the world than Bhutan.

2. Historical and religious monuments;

Because Bhutan is deeply rooted in the religions and spiritual beliefs, exactly no home is
without an altar. The majestic Dzongs, Chortoens, Lhakhangs, each having their own story
of how it is built, why and when may sounds odd yet amazing.

Each of the monuments has the story dating back to some 3000 or even 5000 years back. Paro Taktshang (Tigress nest), Paro Kyichu, Punakha Dzong, Ta Dzong (National Museum, where an egg of a mule is present) are some of the Dzongs and fortresses that are so fond among both national and international visitors.

3. Social and Cultural visits;

With the Chilli mixed with cheese and called 'ema datshi', potatoe mixed with cheese and called kewa datshi, Bhutan has a diversities of cuisines. ‘Ara’ the locally brewed alcohol is the ‘Cultural drink’ in many of the remote pockets.

Nationally, gho for men and kira for women is a formal dress but some regions have their own indigenous dressings like that of Highlanders in the North and Doyaps in the south. Tshechus, Lochoes, Rimdros are the religious ball conducted in each region and each household to bring the harmony in all.

4. Medicinal and hot spring bathing;

Believed to cure all forms of aches and itches, the stones are heated in the fire, then soaked in the cold water to make it warm to take the bath in the wooden bathtub, Bhutan is popular for the medicinal bath called 'menchhu'.

Similarly, Bhutan has several hot springs like that in Gasa, Zhemgang, Punakha and Gelephu called ‘Tshachuu.’ Bathing in these hot springs is believed to cure all the diseases.


The list of things to do in Bhutan will go on and on, and, certainly, it will not come to an end. Bhutan is a perfect place for any kind of travelers and tourists. Be it eco-tourist, Leisure tourist, Religious tourist, sports and recreational tourist, Health or medicinal tourist, Business tourist, Educational tourist, adventurous tourist or the cultural tourist, hello there, Bhutan is your best destination!

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